SEBS Alloy Series

AB Series NL Series


Simples. But not simples.
Super strong adhesion, super dry and non-sticky touch.

DIOSHY AB series
Dual-color molding of TPE for hand tools. Super strong adhesion to engineering plastics such as ABS, PC, PC/ABS. The material is resistant to high temperature and its physical properties do not degrade. It feels dry and not sticky.

SEBS alloy series: ABgrade are formulated with a unique bridging-linking agent, which is effectively and strong adhesion on ABS and other engineering plastics.
Passed heavy metals regulation, TSCA and EU ROHs and REACH-SVHC specifications.
Dual-color molding has extremely high heat resistance (210°C~230°C), no degradation of physical properties, stable production capacity and cost savings.
Excellent non-slip performance and good tensile strength,Available colors are as follows: Natural and Black.
Low temperature resistance (minus -40℃) can still maintain elasticity, and a wide hardness range Shore A 35~ Shore A 90.
Fully hydrogenated grade with UV resistance, ozone resistance and weather resistance. Dual-color molding can be over-molding on ABS、ABS/PC、PC、PET-G.
Excellent coloring ability with color pigments or masterbatches. It can be recycled and reused 100%.
Completely free of halogens and plasticizers, it can replace some products such as PVC, Silicone and Rubber.
It is suitable for most thermoplastic equipment processing methods, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, etc.