SBS Series

MP Series


I can protect you.
Protective gear is perfect.

DIOSHY MP series
A variety of protection and anti-collision are handed over to it. There are all kinds of protective products, anti-collision, gaskets, foot pads, handles and other special grades.

The SBS series MP grade is a formula designed for comprehensive purposes, suitable for most protective components.
Passed heavy metals regulation, TSCA and EU ROHs and REACH-SVHC specifications.
Excellent non-slip performance and good tensile strength, available colors are as follows: Transparent, Translucent, Natural, Black, etc.
Low temperature resistance (minus -40℃) can still maintain elasticity, and a wide hardness range Shore A 0~ Shore A 65.
Excellent coloring ability with color pigments or masterbatches. It can be recycled and reused 100%.
Completely free of halogens and plasticizers, it can replace some products such as PVC, Silicone and Rubber.
Excellent non-slip performance and good tensile strength, providing nature colorsand translucent colors.
It is suitable for most thermoplastic equipment processing methods, such as injection molding, extrusion molding, etc.