SEBS Specialized Series
Specialized grades, except silicone and rubber touch, including other special properties: shock absorbent, electric conductivity or wood-like appearance.

GP-XXXCN-1standard series, excellent anti-shock property, absorbed shocking energy to achieve the real shock resistance.

FP series can be applied for foaming application alone, to gain softer products (Shore C 13 NOTE1); also can be blended with EVA or PE for fine tuning the hardness.

HG standard series, electric conduction grades; can be classified into anti-static 106~109 or 107~1011; electric conduction 103~106 and super high electric conductivity 500Ω (102).

SP series can be classified into natural wood powder or natural cork powder; unique appearance and touch feeling.

Green material, passed heavy metal regulation, RoHS and EACH – SVHC .
NOTE 1: JIS-K6301 Shore C (6mm/1Kg).
Processing Guide

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