DIOSHY ® TPE alloy series - over molding PA6, PA66, strong material bonding, real integration.

NL-8XXXG series for the hardest two-color combination of plastic (PA6 and PA66), can make two-color injection combined directly, not only coated strong combined effect is quite ideal, but also has been tested and can reach the effect of material bonding.
This series of materials on the motor as well as the tools industry have been major breakthroughs. In the design do not need to strengthen the PA two-color coated force and make a special mold , thus cause to the disturb of second injection and lead to increase the defect rate or shrinkage trace of appearance. It is amazing that the super over molding of PA Elastomer has appeared. If you need to have a test and recommend, please contact the Division regional dealer or Commissioner Contact immediately.


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