Technical Information
TPEs Classifications 
Hardness conversion table 

1. What is TPEs?

  “TPEs” is the name “Thermoplastic Elastomers” in its contracted form. Common TPEs are: TPS (Thermoplastic

Styrene)" TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)" TPEE (Thermoplastic Polyester Elastomer)" TPO (Thermoplastic

Olefin)" and TPV (Thermoplastic Vulcanizate)" etc. Those polymers which can be processed by thermoplastic

ways and possessed rubber properties at room temperature" are belong to TPEs.

2. The different processing conditions between TPEs and (hard) plastics.
TPEs are different with ordinary plastics" especially on crystalline behaviors" mold releasing ability; will lead to

very different processing procedures. Those issues can be solved by proper conditions setting and mold design to

match materials properties. Please just feel free to inquire us for solutions.

3. What’s the hardness range of TPE?

   It could be widely ranged from SHORE 0A~SHORE 64D. We have every hardness product" from bottle cap to

very soft.

4. TPE process.

  Besides injection molding" it could be used on two-color injection molding" extruding molding" blow molding"

movement molding" etc.

5. TPE (TPR) temperature endurance.
    It could bear temperature from –50C~100C" in chemical property" it could bear acid" alkali" and salt but not oil. It

can’t bear benzene series and normal oil.

6. Purpose of TPE:

    It could be add into plastic" which could dissolve together" like PP" PS" PE" to increase its flexibility and

endurance. The adding proportion depends on material property" please discuss with our experts.

7. Species of TPE:

TPEE Hardness is between 35D~72D with best flexibility.

T P U Hardness is between 70A~64D" good endurance but worse in defend weather and water.

T P O Good quality in defending weather but hardness range is pretty small(except TPO-V)

T P V it is EPDM+PP(TPOV)" whose physical property approaches to TPR.

T P S it is TPR" poison less" economic" applied to wide field. It can be combined with compound plastic to offer diversify application.
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