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    Our most experienced team members dominate for all-directional developments with innovative spirits. The most difficult challenge for TPEs compounders is to satisfy diversified requirements and to assure consistency mass production at the same time. To achieve this target" we introduced the SOP connection between R&D and production units. The compliments from clients showed to us" yes" we made it! We will not self-content with this state" instead of" we will over the top and toward to another milestone.

As the pioneer of TPEs territories" we navigate in the following new applications" such as:
 › High temperature over molding processing with PC" ABS or PC/ABS. “The ONE”
 › Over molding processing with PETG even by transparent TPS. “The Bellwether”
 › Ultra low hardness (10~50 Shore A) over molding processing with PC" ABS or PC/ABS. “Unbreakable”
 › Real shock absorbed TPEs. “Awesome”
 › Environmental friendly TPS for electricalapplications. (anti-static: 106~109Ω或107~1011Ω/ conducted: 103~106Ω/ super-high conductivity: 500Ω (102 )). “Impressive”
 › FDA (US) compliant and LFGB (EU) compliant TPEs. “Just call Dioshy for solution”
 › Low hardness" non-halogen and fire retardant series; complied with UL94-Vo standard. Hardness range from 60 Shore A ~ 80 Shore A.
 › Specialized grades for professional medical devices" passed ISO 10993: Biological evaluation of medical devices tests.
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